Donate to the UT Gardens

A variety of ways exist to support and help the University of Tennessee Gardens grow.

You may choose to donate any amount to the Gardens. These gifts may also be made in honor of or in memory of another individual.

Named giving opportunities exist as well. Some of the possibilities include:

  • Visitor Education Center: A center is needed to better serve and educate visitors. We’d like to meet and discuss ideas with you for a “green” facility and how you can be part of its establishment.
  • Conservatory: A conservatory would provide educational opportunities about tropical and non-indigenous plants and their habitats in different regions of the world that no other garden or nature center in our region can display.
  • Plant Collections Endowment: The UT Gardens participates in the North American Plant Collection Consortium, which encourages botanical gardens to build and preserve significant collections of different plant taxa to prevent their extinction. Help build the Dogwood, Cryptomeria, Metasequoia, Microbiota, and Taxodium collections in the UT Gardens and help us play a global role in protecting and conserving a portion of the world’s plant kingdom.
  • Professional Development Endowment: Assist in providing funds for students majoring in public horticulture or landscape design for internship training in the UT Gardens and field trip opportunities to visit other public gardens or professional workshops and conferences. These experiences are at the heart of professional development for students and provide meaningful and lasting forms of education.
  • Cultural and Performing Arts Endowment: Traveling exhibitions and special events increase visitor attraction to the Gardens and appeal to broader audiences. Funds from this endowment will provide for cutting-edge exhibits, quality cultural and performing arts and special events.