Outreach Programs

At the UT Gardens, Knoxville, we welcome your school and garden club to come take a visit. If you would like a guided tour, a field trip, or even a group workshop, fill out the form below to let us know! You can also use the form if you feel we would be a great addition to your lecture series or as a guest speaker. Garden staff will contact you soon after you submit the form.

Field Trips$10 per participant
Scout Programs$10 per participant
Guided Tours$8 per participant
Parking Passes$5 per vehicle
All Other ProgramsDependent on the program

Are you interested in a UT Gardens field trip, garden tour, scout program, or having a UT Gardens staff member be a guest speaker for your class or club? If so, then please fill out this form, which will enable us to get back to you with the most appropriate information in a timely manner.

Education Inquiry Form
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