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Volunteer Program in Knoxville

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You are invited to come and explore all of the exciting opportunities to volunteer at the UT Gardens is Knoxville! We have two session each week during most of the year (each Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9-12). We have no sessions in August, and take a hiatus during the winter months (exact timing depends on weather). If you cannot attend one of our weekly sessions, opportunities still exist for interested individuals to volunteer in key areas of the UT Gardens.

Volunteers are an essential part of the UT Gardens and are involved in a variety of activities, such as assisting the garden staff, serving as tour guides, working with special events and programs, and assisting in plant records and labeling.


There are many benefits to volunteering at the UT Gardens.

  • Become a part of growing a horticultural resource
  • Opportunities to meet new people and make new friends
  • Experience and learn new things
  • Receive practical hands-on experience
  • Share interests and hobbies with others
  • Help disseminate horticultural information to others
  • Work in a beautiful and stimulating environment
  • Make your community a better place in which to live

How to Volunteer

To volunteer in the UT Gardens, come to a regular volunteer session either on Tuesday or Thursday from 9am-12pm . Please contact Beth Willis the Volunteer Coordinator beforehand to let her know you are coming. At the volunteer session, you will be asked to fill out an application form. The information on this form helps us to determine your interests, experience, availability, and goals you may want to achieve while volunteering in the UT Gardens. A variety of volunteer opportunities will be discussed with you to ensure a best fit of your interests and experience with the garden's needs. We will not turn down a volunteer due to lack of experience.

In-depth training will be provided while "on the job" with continuing education opportunities offered especially to help you further develop your skills and talents throughout the season.

Contact Beth Willis at or call 865-974-2712.

nineBecome a volunteer and experience the satisfaction that comes with helping the UT Gardens fulfill its mission by providing valuable services and programs for school children, gardeners, nature enthusiasts, UT students and faculty, professional horticulturists, home owners, and others in the community.


For information about joining the UT Gardens Volunteers, contact Beth Willis at; 865/974-2712.

Contact The UT Gardens

UT Gardens in Knoxville
Physical Address:
2518 Jacob Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996

Mailing Address:
Department of Plant Sciences
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