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Image Galleries: Perennial Beds

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Added to the Garden in 1993, this garden consists primarily of herbaceous perennials growing in a series of free-form beds against a backdrop of 'Nellie R. Stevens' hollies that were planted in 1974. Here visitors can see principles of design put into practice, as the perennial garden is an ongoing experiment in the use of color, texture, and form to demonstrate effective plant combinations as well as to evaluate the plants themselves. Many of the plants in this garden are true hardy perennials in East Tennessee while others are considered tender perennials or may be tropical plants grown as annuals in our area. With our fluctuating winter temperatures and hot and humid summers, knowing which perennials survive both gardening challenges is invaluable. For this reason this garden changes significantly year to year as plants that prove unsuitable for our area are replaced with new varieties for trial.




Cyperus "King Tut"